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About Lübzer

Lübzer’s home is in the north of Germany, a region with unique and unspoilt nature with countless lakes and miles of beaches stretching along the Baltic coast. For a long time, the locals have been following a tradition of brewing nothing but the best ingredients with passion. Since the very first Lübzer Pils was brewed in 1877, only the region’s finest natural resources have been used to create this special beer. Only fresh, pure water is used that comes straight from the brewery’s own well, which extends 85 metres deep into the ground.

For the last 135 years, the heritage of this special brewing method has been kept alive to give people today the chance to savour a premium beer of the highest quality with a rich character and a fine, natural taste. As Lübzer benefits greatly from northern Germany’s nature, it supports sustainability projects that protect the region’s natural resources.
This makes Lübzer one of the best examples of brewing expertise in the north of Germany.

In a Lübzer, you’ll find the taste of pure and unspoilt nature, the uniqueness of the landscape, the quiet rushing of the water and northern Germany’s calmness. A Lübzer makes the hustle and bustle of daily life disappear, and makes way for pure relaxation. Authentic and with a distinctive mildly bitter taste, Lübzer is a symbol of its northern German origins. That’s why Lübzer is one of the most famous beers on Germany’s Baltic coast.

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